Netflix’s Falling For Christmas Has A Brilliant Mean Girls Nod, And It Was Apparently Lindsay Lohan’s Idea

Lindsay Lohan in Falling For Christmas
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The last time we saw Lindsay Lohan star in a movie was in the drama film The Canyons. Close to a decade later, the Parent Trap star is making a comeback by teaming up with Netflix for the romantic comedy Falling For Christmas. Fans of the star are sure to be excited about seeing her in a new project, but what's likely to get them even more hyped is that the movie nod from one of her well-known films, Mean Girls. And apparently, it was the actress’s idea.

You may remember that infamous scene in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan’s character, Cady, sings “Jingle Bell Rock'' to save her and The Plastics' dance routine after their CD player breaks in the middle of the song. During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the 36-year-old actress said that she came up with a pitch when talking to the directors and producers about wanting to fit in the iconic track somehow. Her original plan was for her and the cast recreate the dance from the classic teen comedy during a blooper reel at the end of the movie. But then, she immediately regretted that suggestion, so it was scrapped at that time.

However, that didn’t stop the crew from still wanting to use that upbeat Christmas jingle. At some point during the post-production process, the crew remembered her the star's idea about incorporating “Jingle Bell Rock” into the movie. Because the movie had already been edited by that point, they decided to have Lohan record a rendition of the song for the end credits. The tune was even included in the film’s trailer. It's a nice tribute to the teen comedy, though I would've loved to have actually seen the cast and crew perform the routine.

When fans finally got a first look at Falling For Christmas, it was through an on-set photo of Lindsay Lohan and co-star Chord Overstreet, who looked very sweet together. Then on Mean Girls Day (of all days!), the Christmas movie released fetch new photos of the Freaky Friday star and her cast members looking jolly and wearing smiles. It's honestly very satisfying to see Lohan in this kind of production again. It's really giving her the chance to go back to her comedy roots, which she honed in  Disney movies and more adult fare like Just My Luck.

As for what the critics are saying about Falling For Christmas, they believe Lohan really shines. While other pundits noted that the Netflix movie follows familiar tropes, it still seems to be filled with plenty of heart and humor. And this is only Lohan's first collaboration with the streamer, as she’ll be in another rom-com for the streaming service called Irish Wish, in which a woman wakes up as a bride after wishing to find love. I'm definitely down to see the actress flex her acting chops in the realm of rom-coms, especially if they pay homage to her classic movies.

Lindsay Lohan’s turn in Falling For Christmas has so many light-hearted moments that will make audiences smile, and the actress/singer’s rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock” is just icing on the cake. You can start off your holiday movie watchlist by streaming the movie using a Netflix subscription

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