One Nice Thing Denzel Washington Did To Help Michael B. Jordan Prep For Directing Creed III

Denzel Washington in Warner Bros.'sThe Little Things and Michael B. Jordan in Sony's A Journal for Jordan
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Being directed by a screen legend like Denzel Washington would be a dream for most actor in Hollywood. Working with the two-time Oscar winner could turn into an undercover training ground for them. That’s what Michael B. Jordan banked on after signing up to star in A Journal for Jordan. Of course, the Without Remorse star was working an angle as he prepped for his directorial debut with Creed III. The pair’s on-set interactions led Washington to help Jordan prep by doing a nice gesture.

The director and star seemed to form a healthy bond while filming the romantic drama. The A Journal for Jordan star was all about learning and studying Washington’s directing techniques and on-set communication. Of course, Michael B. Jordan was full of questions as Creed III’s start date was around the corner. The Black Panther star recalled what it was like having Denzel's ear at the time.

Knowing that I was directing ‘Creed III’ next, he made it a point to take me to the side a lot, you know? I was always kind of in his back pocket, watching and asking questions and (him) giving me little gems.

Getting on-set film school from the legendary actor served the Just Mercy star in the best ways. It could’ve been different had Denzel Washington been closed off from Jordan’s questions. But that didn’t bother him, as the Michael B. Jordan witnessed firsthand. According to Fox News, the two-time Oscar winner went into mentor mode one day on set while talking with Jordan. He casually mentioned to Washington he hadn’t booked a storyboard artist for Creed III. Jordan spoke on how all that changed with one call from the Fences icon.

He was like, ‘No, no, get one now,’ He picked up his phone and he called this guy, Warren Drummond. And he was like, ’Warren, it’s D. I got Mike B. here, and he’s getting ready to direct Creed III. So it’s from something as generous as that to, he was always giving me advice for what to look for because there’s another layer to it — there’s not a lot of people who have directed themselves. And that’s what’s really challenging for me on this one.

Washington was the right resource for Jordan as the Equalizer star has directed himself several times on film. So, Michael B. Jordan could bring back this knowledge to the set of Creed III. Hooking up the Fruitvale Station star with his storyboarder showed just how invested Denzel Washington was in seeing him succeed. It’s nice to have the Oscar winner in his corner as he takes a big leap.

It will be some time before audiences see Creed III on the big screen. In the meantime, you can watch Denzel Washington direct Michael B. Jordan and Chante Adams in A Journal for Jordan, which arrives in theaters on Dec. 25.

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