Pirates Of The Caribbean: Jerry Bruckheimer Offers Update After Margot Robbie Claimed Her Movie Was Scrapped

The news surrounding the future of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been a rollercoaster, especially when it comes to Margot Robbie’s spin-off Pirates film. The actress recently commented on her potential film within the franchise, saying she figured it just wasn’t moving forward. However, long-time Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer is offering an update about the future of the movie. 

Bruckheimer discussed the future of the Pirates franchise with THR, commenting on the fact that Pirates 6 has been in development for a long time, but has not been abandoned. 

Oh God, they’re all hard. I think we’re getting very close on that one, too. We have a very good script. We developed two of them — the one with Margot Robbie and one with a younger cast. The Margot Robbie one needs a little more work. The younger cast one is close. Hopefully we’ll get both of them.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is the movie Bruckheimer noted as the one that’s further along. Meanwhile, Robbie’s spin-off movie needs more work, but is not scrapped. So, hopefully, we'll get to see both films in the coming years. 

In November, Robbie commented on the future of the project, saying:

We had an idea and we were developing it for a while, ages ago, to have more of a female-led—not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story—which we thought would’ve been really cool, but I guess they don’t want to do it.

When asked directly about Robbie thinking the film was scrapped, Bruckheimer noted that to him the film is still happening. He told THR: 

It’s alive for me. It’s alive for Disney. I’m sure she was disappointed it didn’t go first — or maybe not because she’s very busy, so it might be a blessing to push this a bit. We believe we’ll get it made. It’s a very strong story.

While the movie may be in development and could happen, Robbie is a busy lady, so I’d assume it’ll be quite a while before she can take on another massive project. On the 2022 movie schedule alone, she starred in two big movies, Babylon and Amsterdam. As for the 2023 movie schedule, not only does she have the highly anticipated Barbie movie coming up, she’s also starring in Wes Anderson’s latest film Asteroid City

Hopefully, the movie will get made, because seeing Robbie as a swashbuckling pirate would be so fun. Also, based on both the actress and Bruckheimer noting it’s a promising project, I’d assume once it gets made it’ll be a super fun movie to add to the Pirates franchise. 

As we wait to see what happens with Robbie’s long-awaited Pirates spin-off, you can watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies with a Disney+ subscription, plus you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see Robbie in big exciting films in the upcoming year. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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