Scarlett Johansson Shares One Regret She Has From Growing Up And The Game Changer Advice Her Sister Gave Her

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Scarlett Johansson is one of the most sought after actresses today, making her one of the highest paid in the business. She has been in the industry for a while, getting her start as a child actress in films like Home Alone 3 and later had her breakthrough performance in Lost in Translation. But being in the spotlight at such a young age led to some bad habits that the Marvel alum wishes she broke earlier. Thankfully, her sister stepped in with some life changing advice that helped Johansson move forward and overcome her own insecurities.

In a recent interview with The Cut, Johansson was asked five questions about fashion, beauty, and skincare. The actress revealed some of her own routines that are important to her, as well as some behaviors from when she was younger that she wishes she would have stopped earlier. When asked about her beauty regrets, the Black Widow star revealed:

I wish I didn’t pick my skin so much when I was younger, I could’ve avoided so much scarring and drama. It really hard for me to get over that compulsive need to touch my face a lot or pick my skin. Finally, my sister told me to throw away the magnifying mirror. She said, “Nobody is looking at your pores that closely, and it’s a liability.” It was the simplest advice but really true for me especially because I can get compulsive about my skin.

I’m glad Johannson spoke on this because this is something that affects so many people. In such an image focused world and such a push for skin care on social media, it's easy to get compulsive about your skin. Obsessing over every mark or blemish can make the problem even worse, as Johannoson reveals. Her sister agreed and assured her sister that nobody was looking at her skin as closely as she was. Being in front of the cameras at such a young age probably didn’t help either.

Johanson has been open about how being in the industry as a child can affect how you see yourself and the focus you can put on image. The movie star recently reflected on an incident when she was a teenager where a makeup artist made an offhand comment about one of her pimples. The Lucy actress has also spoken up about the pressure to stay thin in Hollywood especially as an actress in superhero movies. While Johansson has reaped the benefits of having a successful career as a Hollywood actress, she opens up about the more difficult aspects of such a face-forward industry as well. Her openness is why her fans love her so much.

Johansson also opens up in the interview about how she has relaxed about how she is perceived, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin. Which is all great advice, especially for those without a sister like she has. Her openness and honesty is also something she seems to be instilling in her daughter, so she must be already passing on advice she has learned over the years to her own family. 

You can catch Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow which is currently streaming for Disney+ subscribers. ScarJo fans can also look forward to seeing the new mom in AstroWorld, West Anderson’s new project for Netflix that is set for release very soon. For more information on films coming to streaming in the future, make sure to check out our 2022 movie schedule. 

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