The Princess Diana Question That Kristen Stewart Seems To Be Tired Of Answering For Spencer

Awards Season is fast approaching, with some prestige projects hitting theaters to kick it all off. One of these types of movies is Pablo Larraín’s Spencer, which stars Kristen Stewart as the late Princess of Wales. And there’s one Princess Diana question Stewart seems to be tired of answering ahead of the biopic’s release.

When Spencer started premiering at various film festivals, the praise for Kristen Stewart’s performance as Princess Diana quickly started coming in. It looks like a strong year for the Charlie’s Angels actress, although she admitted one question she’s seemingly tired of. Namely, comparisons between her fame during Twilight and Princess Diana’s level of worldwide scrutiny. When asked if she related to her Spencer character in that way, Stewart recently admitted:

No. We have completely different occupations and I think I've talked a lot about that. So considering you have no more time, Google that shit. I'm done.

Well, there you have it. While Kristen Stewart is currently in the process of promoting Spencer ahead of its wide theatrical release, it seems certain questions are getting repetitive. And personal comparisons between her Twilight past and Princess Diana is one of them.

Kristen Stewart’s comments to Insider shows an aspect of being an actor that takes place months after filming: promotion. This process can be notoriously grueling, with actors traveling and fielding countless questions. Stewart seemingly doesn’t see the connection so many seem to be making between her fame and that of her Spencer character. After all, Princess Diana was on the world stage in a completely different manner than the 31-year-old actress.

Kristen Stewart in Spencer

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Spencer is just the latest project revolving around the late Princess of Wales, including Netflix’s The Crown and the Broadway musical Diana. But Kristen Stewart’s new movie tells a very contained story, taking place during the Christmas Holidays in 1991. Stewart had some very big shoes to fill while playing the People’s Princess, especially given how much Princess Diana means to people.

In the months leading up to Spencer, Kristen Stewart has been open about the challenges that came with that daunting role. From Diana’s challenging accent to her unique place in history, it certainly sounds like Stewart had her hands full. But those efforts definitely paid off, with her performance receiving universal praise.

The depiction of Princess Diana in Spencer is also unique because director Pablo Larraín isn’t necessarily aiming for accuracy. The movie is titled “a fable from a true tragedy”, complete with an unreliable narrator in Kristen Stewart’s Diana. And smart money says her acclaimed performance earns some major nominations this Awards Season.

Spencer will hit theaters on November 5th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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