Turns Out Michael B. Jordan's Creed-Verse Won't Just Be About Movie Spinoffs

Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed in Creed III
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Making an amazing debut as a 2023 new movie release, Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III is already primed for another sequel, and plenty more. Up until now, the details beyond another film were vague, and the possibilities were endless. While there’s still no ceiling on what could come next, it turns out that the Creed-verse won’t just be about movie spinoffs after all.

Apparently Amazon executives have been having some meetings with the star/director about the franchise, per unnamed sources. Those whispers been picked up by Deadline, and they expand upon Jordan’s recent Creed-verse comments. While the details haven’t been confirmed just yet, the word is that three separate projects are being considered to build the Rocky spinoff franchise into something that spans streaming series and movies. 

Among the options allegedly on the table are both live-action and anime series connected to Creed’s legacy, as well as a third project that would follow Adonis and Bianca’s daughter Amara (Mila Davis-Kent). But again, while these sound like very viable possibilities, nothing has been officially announced yet. 

Even as unconfirmed possibilities, the options laid out above all sound pretty valid. Amara’s story is an important thread that started to develop rather lovely through Creed III’s narrative, though how that would be woven into a series is unknown. Meanwhile, an anime involving any portion of Adonis Creed’s life is an obvious and natural fit, as Michael B. Jordan is a self-professed anime fan

The expansion of the Rocky mythos started with 2015’s Creed, which kicked off the increasingly successful series that’s continued to wow critics and moviegoers. Marking his directorial debut with Creed III, Michael B. Jordan may have taken his first steps into franchise masterminding. 

Also still on the board is the Rocky spin-off focused on the Drago family, which according to the accounts sourced above will remain a cinematic endeavor. What will be interesting to keep an eye on in the near future is, of course, Sylvester Stallone's reaction to the ongoing development of offshoots from his original Rocky IP.

Over the past couple of years, Stallone has tried to acquire a stake in the series he created and starred in, which has led to some aptly rocky feuds in the media. In particular, the Drago family spinoff was a point of contention that led to some unpleasant remarks from Sylvester Stallone in reference to the manner. Whether or not the continued development of the Creed-verse will stoke that discourse or not is yet to be seen. 

The future of the Creed saga is on the cusp of becoming something pretty expansive. For now, the exact details of how and why are under wraps. In the meantime, fans can see Creed III in its current theatrical release, with both previous sequels streaming for those with an HBO Max subscription.

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