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Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrated Mario Day In The Best Way Possible

Mario staring at Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Various fandoms have their special days for celebration. If you’re a Star Wars fan you know May the Fourth. If you’re a Top Gun fan then you know Top Gun Day is May 13 (and if you’re a serious fan you even know why). If you’re a big fan of Nintendo’s Mario then today is your day, because one way to write today’s date is MAR10. You may celebrate Mario Day by playing your favorite Super Mario Bros. game but Universal Studios Hollywood has found the best way to celebrate, by announcing that its Super Nintendo World will open next year. 

Several years ago Universal Parks and Resorts and Nintendo entered into an agreement to bring Nintendo themed attractions to the company’s various locations around the world, and a Super Nintendo World is planned at nearly all of them. Universal Studios Hollywood’s version of the land has been under construction for some time, but no window for opening had been revealed until now. The resort has now confirmed Super Nintendo World will open in 2023, though that still leaves a pretty wide window. 

The confirmation that Super Nintendo World will open next year wasn’t particularly surprising, construction has been moving along at a decent pace (faster than a Tron roller coaster at least) and there was even a slight chance that the land could have opened before the end of the year. Although that was a long shot. Still, even if we were pretty sure it was going to happen next year, it’s nice to have it announced officially.

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World will be the second Universal park to open the land, and the first in North America. Universal Studios Japan opened its land last year. Super Nintendo World has been announced for Universal Orlando Resort’s third gate, called Epic Universe, but that park is currently under construction and is eyeing a 2025 grand opening.

Universal Studios Hollywood’s version of the land is expected to have a pair of attractions when it opens. Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge is the main attraction, that brings the popular video game series to life. Yoshi’s Adventure is a more family oriented ride that will take guests all over the new land. Both rides already exist at the land in Japan. Both the Japanese park and the Orlando park are scheduled to get a Donkey Kong themed roller coaster as well, but Universal Studios Hollywood simply doesn’t have the space. 

Fans who are excited for the forthcoming new land won’t have to wait until 2023 for everything. Universal Studios Hollywood has announced that the park’s Feature Presentation retail store will be getting a Super Nintendo World redesign soon, so lots of Mario and Luigi themed merchandise will be available soon. 

While all we have to go on right now is the year, expect Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood to open in late spring or early summer. Most new theme park attractions are opened before the busy summer tourist season and while that may not ultimately be possible, it seems likely that will be the goal if it can be hit.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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