Universal Studios' Music Video Reveals Super Nintendo World's Mario Kart Ride Vehicles And More

Mario Kart ride vehicle at Universal Studios Japan

While most theme park fans have been focused on Disney's expansion with Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, or the continued additions to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there'e another major theme park addition that we've been waiting on for quite some time. Several years ago Universal Studios announced a partnership with Nintendo that would bring attractions based on the popular game company's brands to Universal parks all over the world. The first of those lands is set to open this summer in Japan, and a new music video gives us our first look at some of what is coming.

While most of the video for the song "We Are Born To Play" performed by Charli XCX, is just Nintendo-themed CGI insanity, the video does include a handful of elements that will be part of the real life theme park land, including a "blink and you'll miss it" look at the ride vehicles for the upcoming Mario Kart themed attraction. Check out the video below.

While we only get a brief look at the ride vehicles, what we see is almost certainly the real deal, not a CGI creation but a look at the actual vehicles that will be part of the Mario Kart attraction. I'm guessing they don't actually float in mid air, but they very likely use a trackless ride system, which is pretty close to the same thing. It's a four person vehicle, which means that not everybody is going to get to drive their own Mario Kart. Of course, at this point we have no idea how much actual driving there will be.

The other major revelation in the video is what's being called the "Power Up Band." This wearable tech will link with a smartphone app, that we see pairing with the band in the video. Through the app you will reportedly be able to do things like collect digital coins and compete with your friends in the game world. It looks like Super Nintendo World really wants to make you feel like you've walked inside a video game.

Power Up Band

This looks like a great way to add interactivity to the world and give guests the ability to do more in the land. It's likely the sort of thing that you won't need to enjoy the land or the attractions, but it will add another layer of fun to those who want to use it, similar to the "datapad" in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

While the first Super Nintendo World is opening in Japan this year, those of us in North America are set to get a chance to experience this new land as well. A Super Nintendo World expansion is planned for Universal Studios Hollywood and the land has also been announced to be coming to the Universal Orlando Resort. Finally, Super Nintendo World will come to Universal Studios' park in Singapore.

While not yet officially announced, the expectation is that Super Nintendo World will be part of Epic Universe, the new third gate that is currently under construction in Florida.

This looks like just about everything a Nintendo fan could want from a theme park land. There are, almost certainly more announcements to come revealing new details and new attractions.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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