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Viral TikTok Shows Wedding Party Celebrating In Empty Magic Kingdom, But I Just Want To Know What That Costs

On a crowded day at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom we’ve probably all wished we could have the park to ourselves, even if only for a little while. The good news is that such a thing is possible. And while I’m fairly certain that doing so really isn’t cheap, I’ve looked into wedding prices on property, based on a new viral video, it looks like you might get what you pay for.

A video that has recently gone viral on TikTok is from somebody who attended a private wedding afterparty inside Magic Kingdom. They were there after everybody else had gone home for the night. This looks like the best possible Magic Kingdom experience ever. Dancing with your friends in front of Cinderella’s Castle and being able to walk on Space Mountain at your leisure is what happiness is made of. 

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Some in the comments suggest that getting this exclusive Magic Kingdom access costs somewhere in the realm of $180,000. And remember that this was the wedding “after party.” That would indicate there was a wedding and a reception someplace else that already took place, and probably was not cheap. The final bill for this wedding was certainly outside the realm of most budgets, but I suppose if you have the money, there are worse ways to spend it.

A wedding is supposed to be a place where you make lifelong memories and it seems unlikely that anybody who attended this event will be forgetting it anytime soon. There was food, a DJ, and characters were even out to help everybody celebrate. It looks like the group may have only had access to Main Street USA and Tomorrowland for the event, but honestly, that’s enough. It’s pretty cool to be able to endlessly ride Space Mountain, even if you do have to ride the lesser version of Space Mountain.

In a moment in time when Disney World fans are debating the value of spending $5-$6,000 on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, that lasts two full days, it puts things into perspective if there are people that are spending $180K for an experience that only lasts a few hours. And Disney Parks have more than their share of expensive options. For some people, even those that have this kind of money, it might not be seen as being worth it, but if you’re a Disney World fan, this would be totally worth it, especially to those of us that will never have this kind of money anyway. 

But honestly, a lot of the people who got to experience this party might not have this kind of money, they’re just friends with somebody who does. This night is going to be special for everybody in attendance, and that’s pretty cool. 

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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