When You Can Finally Watch Daniel Craig's Last James Bond Movie No Time To Die At Home

Daniel Craig tries to approach Léa Seydoux as she backs away in No Time To Die.
(Image credit: Danjaq LLC and MGM)

No Time To Die has finally fulfilled its theatrical destiny as Daniel Craig’s last James Bond movie. But there are some 007 fans who are probably still waiting to see the film, either because it hasn’t been released in their country yet, or they want to watch it at home. Well, after a little over a month of theatrical exclusivity, No Time To Die is finally heading home, as of tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9th. 

The premium VOD window is officially open, thanks to No Time To Die being offered on all major digital platforms. Deadline has reported the big announcement, along with the price point for the 25th James Bond film’s premium rental. As one might expect after movies like The Suicide Squad, $19.99 will be the magic number that allows viewers to see Daniel Craig take his final bow as 007, in the explosive finale to his arc of continuity.

No Time To Die’s release into the premium VOD market comes in the midst of a rewarding theatrical run. With this past weekend’s box office take, the domestic market has seen $143.1 million land in the vaults of EON Productions; and that’s on the back of climbing up and down the daily box office charts over the past couple weeks. Internationally, the news is even more impressive, with records being broken and another major market waiting to see No Time To Die work the magic that saw it become the sixth highest grossing film of all time in the UK and Ireland.

As of this writing, the international run of No Time To Die has brought the film’s total take up to $667.4 million. While it’s not anywhere near the $900 million supposedly required to break even, the fifth Daniel Craig Bond film is now the third highest grossing entry in his run. Should the Australian release on November 11th fall in line with the rest of the world’s fascination with this explosive finale, director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s film might pull into a spot closer to Spectre’s $880.6 million finish.

Of course, now the huge question is, will No Time To Die see a confirmed date for its home video release announced in the near future? At the moment, this is uncertain, as no rumblings have been reported. Whispers on the internet have previously hinted at everything from a Christmas home video release to a late February 2022 drop; and according to Amazon.co.uk’s product listing, that holiday scenario looks to be true. So 2021 could see even more good news pertaining to how much money 007’s latest adventure could bring in before the end of the year.

Again, there’s been no huge blowout announcement that No Time To Die will be available to buy on physical media any time soon. That being said, the clock is ticking, as the PVOD release is timed just right for the traditional November release slot that James Bond movies tend to usually occupy. Thanksgiving can officially now become Bondsgiving, as a Daniel Craig marathon will now be a possibility, thanks to No Time To Die hitting PVOD as of tomorrow, November 9th. And if you’re looking for your next adventure at the movies, 2021’s release schedule will help answer those questions in a flash.

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