Will Smith’s Independence Day Co-Star Vivica A. Fox Responds After Jada Pinkett Smith Talks About The Oscars Slap For The First Time

Months after Will Smith and Chris Rock’s Oscars Slap, actor Jada Pinkett Smith finally spoke about the incident in a public forum. Addressing the events of the night, Smith ultimately came down on the side of hoping that both Will and Chris can eventually talk the matter out, in hopes of reconciliation. Reactions to this recent statement are starting to come in, and Will Smith’s Independence Day co-star Vivica A. Fox is among the earliest to weigh in on their thoughts. 

As you can see in the full video of Fox’s take, courtesy of the official Wendy Williams Show Instagram, her summation of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk reaction considered those remarks “self-righteous.” While she acknowledges a friendship with the Smith family, Vivica A. Fox cited a lack of “accountability as a partner” in Jada’s opening to the latest episode of her Facebook talk show. 

Further explaining how she felt about the night in general, here’s Vivica A. Fox’s full statement on this Oscar Slap reaction:

Vivica A. Fox also used this opportunity to highlight how this year’s Oscar ceremony, which saw Will Smith winning Best Actor for his performance in King Richard and CODA being given the Best Picture Oscar, had become “a night of diversity for Brown and Black people, that now will forever be scarred.” As for the content of Chris Rock’s jokes, Fox didn’t object to his comments, thinking they weren’t that harsh. If anyone were to take one word from Fox’s remarks to heart, it would more than likely be “accountability.” 

Visibly upset by the situation, Vivica A. Fox’s response comes roughly two months after the altercation that put Will Smith and Chris Rock in the spotlight. As the world continues to offer various outlooks on those events, and the fallout that resulted in two Smith projects being put on ice, the conversation is only going to continue to grow. The seemingly logical endpoint to this discourse would seem to be, as Jada Pinkett Smith suggested, a reconciliation between the two men.

There’s no specific timeline for that sort of meeting, with Chris Rock in particular waiting for the right offer to talk out this past Oscar night. At this time, the conditions to get Rock to meet with Will Smith are unknown to the public at large. In the meantime, entertainers like Marlon Wayans and Dave Chappelle have their own thoughts, and much like Vivica A. Fox they’re ready to share them sooner rather than later. 

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the next chapter in the discourse surrounding Will Smith/Chris Rock debacle will bring. Here’s hoping that a firm and reconciling resolution arrives in the near future, if only to peacefully put the matter to rest once and for all. 

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