How To Watch The 2022 Academy Award Best Picture Nominees

Don't Look Up, The Power of the Dog, and Dune posters
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It’s that time of year again - the 2022 Academy Award nominations have come through and they are looking good as heck. With so many amazing movies that released during 2021, it was only a matter of time before these picks were solidified. And with ten solid movies, I think it’s time we find a way to watch all of them. Here is how you can watch every single Best Picture nominee this year. 

Belfast cast

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In this British/Irish coming of age drama, Belfast is told through the eyes of a child, chronicling the struggles that his family went through during “The Troubles,” a period of conflict that lasted for thirty years within Ireland, and how his family survived. 

Directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring names such as Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, and more, Belfast is a film that will change you. Belfast is now available to rent and buy on Amazon.

Rent/Buy Belfast on Amazon.


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Apple TV+ is coming for the Best Picture crown this year. Coda tells the story Ruby, a “coda,” which means “child of deaf adults,” and she is the only hearing member in her family. While she wants to pursue her dreams, she’s terrified of leaving her family behind when their business is threatened, and has to make a choice. 

Coda is directed by Sian Heder and starts Emilia Jones as Ruby, and the film very much shows the struggle that these children can face, as well as showing life through a different perspective of a deaf person. Since the film was released by a streaming service, Coda is available to stream right now on Apple TV+. 

Stream Coda on Apple TV+.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Don't Look Up

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Don’t Look Up 

Directed by Adam McKay, Don’t Look Up is a Netflix original movie about two scientists who discover an extinction-level asteroid hurtling towards Earth. The only issue is that it seems no one cares - not even the President of the United States. 

With a brilliant Don’t Look Up cast, including stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and so many more, this movie has certainly made news and broken records, even with its wild ending. If you’re looking to watch this black comedy/apocalyptic movie, it’s available right now to stream on Netflix. 

Stream Don’t Look Up on Netflix.

Two of the main stars in Drive My Car.

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Drive My Car  

There’s always one film each year at the Academy Awards that’s an under the radar movie but is still so good, and Drive My Car was the pick. This drama that comes from Japan follows a prominent stage actor and director who has recently lost his wife, and now has to deal with the young women who was appointed to drive his car while directing a huge production. 

Drive My Car was directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, and stars Hidetoshi Nishijima.  Drive My Car is available to stream on HBO Max, so you better jump on over there now to check it out before the ceremony. It's also available to rent on Amazon.

Stream Drive My Car on HBO Max. 

Rent Drive My Car on Amazon.

Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet in Dune, future visions

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I know you’ve heard of it at least once this year. Based on the novel of the same name, Dune follows a young man who finds himself on a dangerous adventure in order to protect his family as well as his people. 

Dune was certainly the talk of the town in 2021 for many months, breaking box office expectations and already scoring a sequel with its brilliant visual effects and sci-fi story. Directed by Denis Villeneuve and featuring a star-studded cast with names like Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac and more, Dune is available to stream on HBO Max, as well as rent on Amazon.

Stream Dune on HBO Max.

Buy Dune on Amazon.

Will Smith King Richard trailer screenshot

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King Richard 

If you want a brilliant biopic, check out King Richard. This movie, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and starring Will Smith, tells the story of the father of Venus and Serena Williams, and the lengths he had to go to make sure that his daughters could reach the greatness they so rightly deserved. 

The King Richard cast is full of stars, and with Will Smith receiving a Best Actor nomination for his leading role, that should be even more of an incentive to watch. King Richard is available to stream on HBO Max, as well as rent on Amazon.

Stream King Richard on HBO Max. 

Rent King Richard on Amazon.

Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman in Licorice Pizza

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Licorice Pizza 

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Licorice Pizza is a coming of age dramedy telling the story of Alana and Gary, from their meeting to their love story to everything else in-between, showing what it’s like to experience that first love in 1973. 

Starring Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman in their film debuts, Licorice Pizza is a great movie with a love story that will stick with you long after you finish the movie. Licorice Pizza is available to rent on Amazon right now, so if you want to check out this dramedy, be sure to give it a try. 

Rent Licorice Pizza on Amazon.

Bradley Cooper smiling with Rooney Mara at the carnival in Nightmare Alley.

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Nightmare Alley 

Directed by the master of horror and fantasy himself, Guillermo del Toro, Nightmare Alley tells the story of Stanton Carlisle, who’s worked at a carnival for many years, and ends up using the tips and tricks from a psychic to somehow get into the minds of patrons, tricking them into thinking he's also clairvoyant. Using that, he works his way up in society, conning everyone he meets, and changes his life for the better - until it gets worse.

Nightmare Alley is a thrilling movie, and considering it has a stellar cast composed of stars such as Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara and more, this movie is certainly worth the watch. Nightmare Alley is available to stream on both Hulu and HBO Max, but if you want to rent, it is also available on Amazon.

Stream Nightmare Alley on Hulu. 

Stream Nightmare Alley on HBO Max. 

Rent Nightmare Alley on Amazon.

Benedict Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog

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The Power Of The Dog 

Next up, we have The Power of the Dog, a Netflix original starring Benedict Cumberbatch and directed by Jane Campion. This great western movie follows Phil Burbank, a rancher who has a bit of an attitude problem when his brother brings home a new wife.

As someone who’s a big fan of Cumberbatch’s work, he certainly puts on a great performance, and the rest of the cast is superb as well. Since it is a Netflix original, The Power of the Dog is available to stream on Netflix right now. 

Stream The Power of the Dog on Netflix.

Ariana debose as Anita in America, West Side Story

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West Side Story 

Last but not least, we have West Side Story, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring newcomer Rachel Zegler, as well as Ansel Elgort, Ariana DeBose, and more. This adaptation of the classic Broadway show tells the story of Maria and Tony, a classic Romeo and Juliet tale where they want to run away together, but have to deal with the ongoing gang battle between the Jets and the Sharks, two groups of immigrants with different ethnic origins fighting for their neighborhood in 1950s NYC.

Many fans believe that Spielberg even improved on the original adaptation of West Side Story in 1961 (which won the Academy Award for Best Picture), so you know it’s worth the time to watch. West Side Story is currently available to stream on Disney+ and HBO Max, and rent on Amazon.

Stream West Side Story on Disney+. 

Stream West Side Story on HBO Max.

Rent West Side Story on Amazon.

With so many outstanding films, I’m sure you have your hands full now. Better schedule out some time to binge, because you’re going to want to watch every single one of these movies. 

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