Would You Go Full Ursula And Drink A Magic Kingdom Drink With Octopus In It?

Ursula in The Little Mermaid Animated Movie
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Some poor, unfortunate souls are about to get quite the surprise when they order a brand new drink at the Magic Kingdom. The Ursula-reminiscent concoction was announced as part of Disney World’s 50th Anniversary food and drink specials and will feature an actual Octopus tentacle, though it was more created in homage to 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Yes, really. 

The drink in question is actually a Michelada, a popular Mexican drink that’s sort of Bloody Mary-esque and features some combination of lime juice, tomato juice, spices or hot sauce, and beer. They typically have a salted rim. This one, though, will also be garnished with an actual piece of cooked Octopus and some cucumber. 

The drink is technically ("tentically speaking") not Little Mermaid-themed as one would think (missed opportunity if you ask me, particularly with the Halle Bailey movie coming out). It’s called “Squid’s Revenge” and can be found at the popular Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant Be Our Guest. A chef at the parks told WDW Magazine that it was conceived with the idea of the famous scene in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea where “the giant squid attacks the ship.” 

Now, you can have it alongside an order of The Grey Stuff. Though that would be a truly weird combination. Take a look. 

50th Anniversary Celebration Food at Disney Theme Parks

(Image credit: Disney Theme Parks)

In other weird and less weird food news, the other images in the photos, courtesy of Disney Parks Blog, are the 50th Celebration Hot Dog that Disney World fans can nab at Casey’s Corner, which is like a funnel cake hot dog with a “strawberry bacon jam” concoction and the addition of powdered sugar. Some other specials that are pictured include an Uncle Orville Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Sundae -- yes, that’s served in a bathtub -- and a fun champagne flight that will be served at Magic Kingdom’s other fine sit down restaurant Cinderella’s Palace. That one will be called “Royal 50th Celebration Flight”.

The champagne spritzers and sundae are the tamest of the bunch, but the other snack and drinks are certainly wild and were likely concocted with social media in mind, as has become a trend in recent years at Disney Parks including Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Recently, we brought you news of a $25 sundae that came with its own boat to celebrate Jungle Cruise. There have been other memorable concoctions that haven’t come with such positive imagery, including that pickle and peanut button concoction that may or may not induce images of vomit. 

People will do a lot to get that perfect image for the 'gram. While cooked octopus in a cocktail might not be my idea of a good time, it's probably not that different than like a ceviche with octopus, which I have eaten before. It also certainly makes for striking imagery. But it is the type of thing you yourself would be tempted to drink? That's a question you may need to ask yourself if you plan to head down to Orlando soon. 

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