Disneyland’s New Food Item Is Great For Your Instagram, But Very Bad For Your Wallet

Dole Whip Split

Most people go to places like Disneyland to experience the attractions, but at some point you have to eat. And if you're going to eat at Disneyland where, let's be honest, nothing is cheap, you might as well find something special that you can't get any place else. There is a lot of great food to eat at the Disneyland Resort, but if you've never been there there are a few items that everybody needs to try, like Dole Whip. The pineapple soft serve is an iconic offering at Disneyland. It's become so popular that in recent years the menu has expended to include flavors beyond pineapple, and now it's expanded yet again, to include a massive Dole Whip treat, with an equally significant price tag.

Today is the first ever official Disney Parks Dole Whip Day, and in celebration, Disney has compiled a full list of every Dole Whip item that can be found in various parks and resorts around the country. The full list of every Dole Whip item that can be found everywhere is more than a little intimidating, but then again so is a brand new item that can be found at Disneyland's Tropical Hideaway.

The Dole Whip Split is the Tropical Hideway's take on a banana split, but with pineapple, obviously. The item includes Dole Whip, blueberries, strawberries, and mandarin oranges. It's then topped with coconut caramel sauce, crushed plantains, dried hibiscus, and toasted coconut. In this picture from DLNT, It looks amazing and it's a $25 sundae.

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While the Pineapple Split will set you back, there are a couple of things that should help offset the $25 price tag for many people. First off, it apparently comes with a Jungle Cruise boat., celebrating the reopening of the iconic attraction that just took place. You get the feeling it was maybe designed to be served in the boat, but eating it all and then cleaning the boat would probably be really annoying for people.

Secondly, this thing is massive, and it's clearly not designed for a single person to eat by themselves. $25 for a banana split type item might seem like a lot, but when you split it among your friends or family, the per person price likely becomes a bit easier to swallow. This was obviously developed by the same people at Disneyland Food & Beverage who created the $100 sandwich at Avengers Campus.

Is this an absolutely ridiculous amount of Dole Whip? Yes, yes, it is. But Dole Whip is great and if you have somewhere between two and ten friends to share it with, this dessert barge looks amazing. The only problem is that after it's gone you'll end up fighting over who gets to take the boat home.

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