Motley Crue Makes Money For Nothing

Money for nothing and chicks for free is how Tommy Lee likes it according to Dire Straits at least. Apparently the inspiration for their hit song “Money For Nothing” came from none other than American rockers Motley Crue. reports that members of the band were in an electronics shop when they spotted a Motley Crue video on a wall of televisions, and the spandex alone was enough for a chart topping single.

With lines like, “You play the guitar on the MTV/That ain't workin' that's the way you do it” and “That little faggot got his own jet airplane/That little faggot he's a millionaire” it sounds a lot like a song poking fun at the empty fame and fortune of the modern “MTV” era.

I’m not sure whether this is funny, sad, or somewhere in between, but Crue bassist Nikki Sixx told : “They were in a store that sells televisions, and there was a row of TVs all playing Motley Crue — and that's where it came from. Isn't that great?” I suppose if all you’re being made fun of for is having an earring and tons of money, it’s fairly easy to shake it off. But I still can’t put it out of my head that if these were two rap artists, somebody might wind up dead over a song like this. Oh and just in case you were wondering, there has been no word on what Tommy Lee thinks of the news, but I’m almost positive that he doesn’t find anything empty about his fame.