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Fanboys may have had a lot of geek appeal, with all the Star Wars references and adventures and hottie Kristen Bell. But it was missing geek mecca itself: Comic Con. Now producer Brian Levy thinks he can one-up them, and he and screenwriters Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan are developing the script Comic Con.

Production Weekly doesn't have many details beyond that and a pretty brief plot description. "To save their beloved neighborhood comic shop from the clutches of an evil corporate takeover, a justice league of comic geeks must plan and execute a daring heist Comic-Con." Exactly what will they be stealing from Comic Con-- Stormtrooper outfits? Still, Comic Con is a pretty irresistible setting for a heist movie, especially one aimed toward the nerds that will be the stars. If it turns out better than Fanboys, and has a less troubled production history, that'll be all the better.