Whether you like the idea of Daniel Craig as Bond or are still trying to figure out how a 37 year old who looks like a 47 year old is going to play the role of a 27 year old, we now have our Bond and we can finally move on to bigger and better things...like the rest of cast.

Nevermind Jessica Alba wanting to be be the next Bond girl, "The Times of India" interviewed Gulshan Grover and according to IGN, he's up for the role of Casino Royale villain Le Chiffre. Grover is well known in Indian and British film circles, but a virtual nobody to American audiences. That's kind of what I was hoping for in the Bond character, but I'll have to settle for an unknown rival.

"I met the producers in LA a week ago. They are yet to announce this on their official website,"
the actor said "That's because they first want to announce the next Bond." Well the official site has announced the real Bond and its only a matter of time before the other casting choices role out. It could be Grover is full of hot air. It wouldn't be the first time someone tried to get in on a cast by announcing themselves. Still, the guy just plain looks like a great Bond villain, certainly more convincing that Craig as a 27 year old.

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