Big brewings today on the issue of Snyder’s upcoming Watchmen movie adaptation. Earlier today Rafe brought you a casting rumor concerning the part of Dr. Manhattan, now we have big updates in the form of the movie’s viral marketing campaign.

First, Adrian Veidt, also known as Ozymandius, now has his own website. Now you too can improve your life with the Veidt method. Go to to get details on using the techniques outlined by the smartest man in the world to make a better you. Give him your email address and you’ll get the following encouraging message to set you on the right path:

Dear Customer,

You have received this e-mail because you have expressed interest in my course, and if you did that, it's because you think you need a change in your life.

A better body? Increased confidence and magnetism? Advanced mental techniques that will help you at home or business? Well, yes we can offer you all these things...but in order to have and enjoy them, there's got to be a new YOU!

More than just a bodybuilding course, the Veidt Method is designed to produce bright and capable young men and women who will be fit to inherit the challenged, promising, and often difficult world that awaits in our future. The course is designed to be easy to read and to understand, and if you follow it through, I can assure you that you and uour friends will quickly notice the results as a whole new realm of ability and experience is opened to you. Stay tuned for more updates on what you can expect to find in later updates online.

Please visit!

Best wishes and encouragement - Adrian Veidt.

Like the Rorschach Journal site we showed you a few weeks ago, this one has it’s secrets. Highlight the bottom the page and you’ll see a secret login link. Click it and you get a popup asking for your password. So far, I haven’t been able to piece together what the password is, but maybe you’ll have better luck finding a way in.

But no new innovation is without its detractors. Over on Rorschach’s Journal the inkblot masked crime fighter is plenty pissed about what Veidt is doing, and has crafted a carefully worded response on his site to Veidt’s propaganda: “WARNING. Veidt Method website is a LIE Do not visit. Remove from browser cache, favorites, and history.” Rorschach has a way with words.

Rorschach’s site has undergone a complete overhaul and includes all sorts of strange and cryptic new content and content stolen from other websites. But the big news is that Rorschach now has his own message board Go there to see Rorschach ruminating on the secret login to Veidt’s website. Should he uncover the way in, that might be the place to find a login to Veidt’s back door.

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