Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 has been implementing a media full-court press as of late. Marvel recently held a small media day with Black, Robert Downey Jr. and Studio President Kevin Feige showing off a chunk of new footage; the sequel plans to air a TV spot during the Super Bowl telecast on Sunday; and then there has been this rapidly-developing rumor about a possible sequence at the end of Iron Man 3 that takes another major leap with the following image.

Be sure to read our earlier story, which explains (Start Spoilers) how Tony Stark might travel to the deepest reaches of outer space at the end of the Iron Man sequel, where he might possibly interact with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This gives Marvel the chance to introduce the heroes before they get their own standalone film. And it could continue to push Marvel’s universe into the actual universe, where The Avengers are likely to fight Thanos in The Avengers 2.

Building on that rumor, we have a photo of an Iron Man 3 toy that was shared on the Web site Pop Vinyls. In addition to an Iron Patriot toy suit and a War Machine toy suit, the site has what’s called Iron Man’s Deep Space Suit. Is this the suit he’ll wear when he flies to outer space to meet the Guardians?


Movie tie-ins in the toy department are part of the business and it's entirely possible that this is just a toy design, but I have to wonder if Black or anyone over at Marvel regrets the name of this armor getting out there so far ahead of the sequel’s release date. What do you think? Does this image confirm the rumor that Tony Stark’s heading to deep space? Find out when Iron Man 3 opens in theaters on May 3.

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