If I told you, around this time last year, that the chubby, goofball, shoe-shine dude from NBC’s Parks and Recreation was going to be the biggest star of 2014, you would have laughed me off of the Internet. And yet, here we are in December, listing all of the reasons why Chris Pratt is the new shining star in Hollywood, thanks to outstanding contributions to The LEGO Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, next summer’s Jurassic World and beyond.

Who will be the new Chris Pratt? Who will be the powerful celebrity who – come next December – will be on the tips of every tongue because of work they did in 2015? We looked ahead to the biggest projects on the horizon, and tried to single out stars who’d receive a massive boost. Here are the 10 actors we’ll likely all know by the end of 2015.

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson
Exposing yourself on screen is one sure-fire way to gain public exposure, and Dakota Johnson is ready to flaunt her stuff – literally – in the anticipated adaptation of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey. Starring in the sure-to-be-steamy February release likely will boost Johnson’s hunky co-star, Jamie Dornan, as well. But Johnson already has established herself as an "Oh yeah, THAT girl" with memorable turns in 21 Jump Street and The Social Network. Baring it all in Fifty Shades will gain her recognition. Delivering an open-hearted performance as Anastasia Steela, though, could give her career some staying power.

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