At this point, anyone with even the most fleeting understanding of superhero cinema knows that the next big thing worth getting excited about will come in the form of Captain America: Civil War. The culmination of years worth of planning, the film will finally see Mark Millar’s iconic Civil War storyline brought to the silver screen for the very first time. It’s a legendary narrative, and one that promises to hold huge ramifications for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As excited as we are for Civil War, it’s clearly shaping up to become an incredibly loose adaptation of the beloved source material. Millar’s Civil War story arc encompassed so many niches avenues of the Marvel universe, so change was pretty much unavoidable for the Russos in their quest to bring the story to life. While they seem to have deftly handled the overall narrative, some things most certainly had to change for the upcoming adaptation. We’ve gone through the original storyline and picked out 10 awesome moments from the graphic novel that definitely won’t happen during Captain America: Civil War

Team Iron Man Won't Enlist Villains
One defining moment from the Civil War source material that instantly solidified the moral ambiguity of the conflict came when Tony Stark and the rest of the pro-registration forces enlisted the help of known super villains to go after Cap and his Secret Avengers. As cool as it would be to see this happen during the movie, the simple fact of the matter is that there aren’t enough known super villains in this universe who could fill that role. The comic book used big names like Bullseye, Venom, and Lady Deathstrike as a sort of last resort, but considering the cinematic Iron Man and Cap’s predilection for killing their bad guys, at this point there are too few villains to bring in who would have a major impact. Maybe Tony could bring in Trevor Slattery, but that would be pushing it. Oh, speaking of Cap's Secret Avengers...

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