Simply put, most animated sequels are turgid. As the series go on longer and longer and animators and voice artists start to phone it in, you are often left wondering what it was that made you like the original in the first place.

But, as Hotel Transylvania 2 surprisingly revealed over the weekend, sometimes animated series can actually hit their stride with their follow-ups. Sure, it’s a rarity. But when it does happen it’s a pleasant revelation. But which animated sequels are deemed the finest? Well, here to help are the 10 best animated sequels in history. Take a look and, possibly, disagree below.

10. The Rescuers Down Under
Released 13 years after the original Rescuers film, it was a genuine surprise that The Rescuers Down Under managed to recapture some of the glory of its predecessor when it hit cinemas in 1990, while it even managed to have more impressive action scenes.

Sure, it didn’t come close to matching the original’s plot or heart, but with Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor returning to their roles as Bernard and Miss Bianca, respectively, and providing the same loveable camaraderie that was dotted throughout the original -- plus John Candy and George C Scott lighting up their characters with their own virtuoso performances -- there’s still plenty to love.

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