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The 10 Best Lines Of Movie Dialogue In 2015

Some people say that movies just aren’t quotable anymore. The days of reciting dialogue from your favorite flicks seems to be that of a bygone era, depending on who you talk to of course. Well, we just don’t seem to think that’s very true – in fact, we have 10 perfectly quotable lines from this year’s vast variety of releases that prove the contrary. Some are funny, others menacing, and some are just heartbreaking. All are eminently quotable, and should be dropped frequently at your holiday gatherings in the week ahead. Here now, are our top 10 quotes of 2015.


10. "Loving your work, Cowboy." – The Man From U.N.C.L.E

You probably didn’t see The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and frankly – we’ll forgive you. Sure, it was one of the best films of this summer, being underrated in every aspect. But still, the timing of the film’s release was off, considering Straight Outta Compton was dominating the box office at the same time. So take this ultimately memorable line, in which Armie Hammer compliments Henry Cavill on his unconventional – and not always successful – methods, as a sure sign that you should circle back and see this one at once. It’s probably one of the breeziest action comedies you’ll ever see.


9. "Droid, please!" – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

While Star Wars: The Force Awakens reveled in bringing fans of the original trilogy back to the sort of film they craved the moment Return Of The Jedi wrapped, it was also a very modern film. And no other line signifies this jump into the present than John Boyega as Finn begging BB-8 to give him the location of the Resistance base. But before he breaks into an impassioned plea to help him out, like any old friend would, he hastily spouts this quick quip – which we have a feeling will catch on upon multiple viewings of the film.


8. "Who’s the Alpha?" "You’re looking at him, kid." – Jurassic World

Chris Pratt is probably known for one thing above everything else, even his killer sense of humor. That one thing is his undeniable swagger, which assures anyone sharing a scene with him that if need be, he’s got it locked down. So naturally, Owen Grady would have that same sort of sense during a time of prehistoric emergency, and it shows when he proclaims himself as the Alpha of the Raptor Squad in Jurassic World. Of course, we all know how that turned out, so maybe we shouldn’t remind him that he said anything in the first place.

7. "It was me, James… the author of all your pain." - Spectre

A good villain knows how to get into your head, even if they need to use a painful sounding drill to bypass all the pesky flesh in-between you and them. Ernst Stavro Blofeld always knew how to do this, and Christoph Waltz’s incarnation is no exception – as he taunted James Bond with this very statement in this year’s Spectre. The realization that Blofeld has always been the one to twist the knife in James’ side, throughout the past four films, and even all the way back to his tragic origins, is some serious stuff. Hearing come out of the deliciously evil Waltz is just the icing on the cake.


6. "I want you to break into a place and steal some shit." – Ant-Man

When hearing Michael Douglas talk about Paul Rudd breaking into a place and stealing some shit, just as the latter had sworn off doing just that, you’re hearing Edgar Wright’s voice ringing clearly through the re-writes to his original script. This is a line that belong in an entirely different sort of film, and yet the moment Ant-Man drops it, it turns what could have been a sub-par Marvel film into something fresher than ever. Though this makes us wish for a way to experience Wright’s full, un-altered script; it’s a moment that nonetheless shines.


5. "One of them fellas is not what he says he is…" – The Hateful Eight

If a Quentin Tarantino movie is released in any given year, it obviously needs a spot on the Best Dialogue of The Year list. So why the trailer-friendly line, you’re probably asking yourself. For starters, Kurt Russell’s line, as spoken by his character John Ruth, serves as a warning to the audience of the game of deception ahead. With The Hateful Eight’s twisted game of Clue including so many of the gems and one-liners that make a Tarantino movie shine, this was the one that we felt represented the film best without spoiling any of the surprises. Frankly, if we spoiled one word of the fun, we’d hate ourselves.


4. "What a day! What a lovely day!" – Mad Max: Fury Road

Admit it: the moment you saw the trailers for Mad Max: Fury Road, at least one of your friends was already shouting this one into the night. Better still, you probably joined them once you had experienced George Miller’s dark and gritty epic of post-apocalyptic warfare. Why is such a nutty line so memorable? For the most part, it’s because it’s such a weird war cry. Yet when Nicholas Hoult’s Nux starts going off the deep end as he says it, you can’t help but feel the infections adrenaline rush. It is, indeed, a lovely line.


3. "Cars don’t fly, Dom!" – Furious 7

The best part about this stand out line from Furious 7 is that it first pops up as a cute moment between Paul Walker’s Brian and his son in the film. Foreshadowing the stunt Vin Diesel’s Dom would pull in order to steal an ultra-rare sports car in Dubai, it goes from cute to hysterically panicked when Brian figures out what Dom is about to do. It kicks off one of the best action sequences, it’s a killer callback, and it’s one of those moments we immediately associate with the Fast and Furious franchise.


2. "I’m going to have to science the shit out of this." – The Martian

Who would have thought that a scientist would be one of this year’s stand out heroes of cinema? Matt Damon’s Mark Watney was a botanist with a healthy sense of humor, as well as a work ethic that most of us aspire to replicate in our own daily lives. Yet out of any dialogue options that could have been chosen from his majority share of speaking in The Martian, it’s the line that promises to use science as a weapon against the odds that really pleased us. It’s also, quite literally, what Watney had to do in order to survive, so that’s a bonus right there.

Bing Bong

1. "Take her to the moon for me. Okay?" – Inside Out

Out of any line in this year’s lexicon of memorable dialogue, there’s only one that instantly brings a smile to your face… and a tear to your eye. When Bing Bong sacrificed himself to save Joy, it was the moment that cemented him as one of our favorite characters of the year. And in that moment, it only took eight words to make us cry in true Pixar fashion, remembering that moment where we too had to say goodbye to the things of childhood past. If you wanted to encapsulate the main thrust of Inside Out in one line, this is the one.

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