The end of the month is soon approaching, and that’s a rather big deal for Netflix subscribers. That’s because the flip of the calendar page means that a good number of movies will both arriving and departing from the online streaming service. We’ve already given you the run down on the new titles that will be debuting, but now it’s time to looking at the features that will soon be getting the boot.

When the date changes to March 1st we will see a number of great films leaving Netflix, but we’ve highlighted 10 of the best ones below. We highly recommend watching each and every one of them before the end of the week!

In 2014, director David Fincher put more than a few chills down our spine with his movie Gone Girl, but for the next few days on Netflix you’ll be able to catch what is widely considered to be the filmmaker’s first great film: Se7en. Creating a killer pairing with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, the movie creates an intense, epically dark atmosphere and unfolds as one of the best mystery films of the modern era. It features some of the most iconic cinematic moments from the 1990s, and if nobody has ruined the end of the movie for you yet, you should watch this one ASAP so that you can experience the glorious shocks of its final moments without knowing what’s coming.

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