This Is How The Breakfast Club Will Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary

Today is a rather special day for John Hughes fans. It was on this day exactly 30 years ago that The Breakfast Club first found its way to theaters, delivering teenagers around the world one of the most realistic depictions of high school ever seen on the big screen. Obviously, a milestone anniversary like this one isn't going to go completely uncelebrated - which is why the film will soon be making its way back to a cinema near you.

News has come from Entertainment Weekly saying that Fathom Events has orchestrated things so that The Breakfast Club will soon be coming back to theaters for a limited engagement in order to celebrate its 30th birthday. Screenings will be held across the country on two separate dates - Thursday, March 26 and Tuesday, March 31st - and both will be at 7:30 local time. There are nearly 440 movie theaters participating in the event around the country, so there's a very good chance that it will be playing at a location near you.

The version of The Breakfast Club that will be shown during screenings is one that has been newly restored in anticipation of this major anniversary. Before the movie begins, movie-goers will be treated to an exclusive featurette, which features interviews with cast members and interviews with teen movie filmmakers like Diablo Cody and Amy Heckerling.

It's kind of amazing that The Breakfast Club is turning 30 years old, if not simply because it remains as on point and accurate as it was back in the mid-1980s. Sure, our fashion and hair styles have changed quite a bit, but the student dynamics and cliques/factions are entirely timeless (and what really drive the film). John Hughes - who would have turned 65 this Wednesday - was truly a genius filmmaker who somehow understood the psyche of the teenage mind to an incredible degree and made some brilliant movies as a result.

And while Hughes' movies weren't exactly what you would necessarily big screen entertainment, can you honestly tell me that you have no interest in watching this classic scene with a theater full of people who love The Breakfast Club just as much as you do?

For a full list of theaters and links to buy tickets to see a 30th Anniversary screening of The Breakfast Club, click over HERE. And if you can't make any of the screenings, take solace in the fact that we will soon see the release of a brand new anniversary edition Blu-ray and DVD, which will be in stores on March 10th.

Eric Eisenberg
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