Upon viewing the trailer for Hail, Caesar! last week, the world instantly shone a little brighter, safe in the knowledge that a new Coen Brothers film is on the horizon. Throughout their 16 films, which includes Raising Arizona, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country For Old Men, and Inside Llewyn Davis, the brothers have provided genre-bending films that mix comedy, crime, thriller, drama, and noir in an irreverent but poetic style. 

But, film audiences are greedy, and 16 Coen Brothers films just aren’t enough. That’s why, even with a 17th just around the corner, movie aficionados are gagging to know what’s after Hail, Ceaser!  Rather than looking to the future, though, how about gazing into the past, and considering the projects that the brothers almost made. Well, here at Cinema Blend, we’ve done just that. So here are six Coen Brothers films that we still hope and pray will make it to cinemas, even though we know that they’re almost certainly not going to. 

To The White Sea
Probably the most famous Coen Brothers film to almost make it to production, the pair were believed to have been working on an adaptation of James Dickey's book for several years. They even got Brad Pitt to sign on as the American pilot who is stranded in China and unable to communicate. Coen Brothers fans were particularly excited because of its lack of dialogue. However, its $80 million budget soon scared studios off, and it has been shelved indefinitely with no return date in sight. 

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