Every so often a quality mob movie graces the screen and sheds a performance of a lifetime. It’s no easy task for the actors that take on such roles. With crime and mafia movies dating back to the beginnings of film, there are a number of big, and violent shoes to fill. But there are certainly plenty who try.

Most recently we’ve seen Johnny Depp take his stab at the infamous Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger in Black Mass. It was a move that may have just saved his career from a complete downward spiral. But it was certainly a risk in taking on such an icon. But along with the powerful story attached to some of these names, an equally powerful actor is needed to bring to life a true movie mobster. So here we play tribute to the best of the best, the 10 greatest movie mobsters of all time, ranked.

#10 Roman Moronie, Johnny Dangerously
Words of Wisdom:You lousy corksuckers. You have violated my farging rights.

Though Johnny Dangerously was a parody of the 1930s crime/gangster genre, rival mob boss Roman Moronie is one mobster you don’t want to mess with, particularly when it comes to correcting his use of swear words. He’s a mobster that "never forgets a fargin’ face" and he’s a man that knows how to try to act tough in every situation. Richard Dimitri’s Roman Moronie is a representation of all of the tropes that come along with being a mobster, being overly tough, killing a lot of people, and using a ton of swear words. In Moronie’s case though, his grasp on the English language is lacking, to say the least, which only points out how important it has become for gangsters to sound the part, as much as they look it.

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