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Today is Daylight Savings, and as a result we all lost an hour of sleep. Have you felt it? Sometimes it’s hard to really tell where on Earth the time goes; if you happen to live in Wonderland, then perhaps the time was stolen. A new trailer for Alice Through The Looking Glass has just hit the web, and it aims to remind us that there may be more going on in Wonderland than simple Daylight Savings. Check it out below to see for yourself.

As you cans see from the trailer, Alice Through The Looking Glass maintains all of the quirky, surreal visuals that made the original so interesting. The film revolves around the theme of time, such as wasted time and the need for more time. In fact, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen portrays an odd-looking character that seems to be part man and part clock that personifies the concept of time. When Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter begins acting strange (well… stranger than usual) Alice teams up with Time to rescue her friend; along the way they meet numerous characters, some old, some new, and eventually come face to face with Helena Bonham Carter’s villainous Red Queen once again.

We have to admit it; this is some simple yet brilliant marketing for the film. Everyone knows what it feels like to lose an hour of sleep during Daylight Savings, and the film capitalizes that by turning that small yet annoying sensation into a way for the audience to immerse themselves in the movie. Of course, the movie itself will deal with much bigger issues than simply losing an hour of sleep, but it seems that time – and the utter lack of it – will play a major thematic role in the highly anticipated sequel.

That’s the sort of thing that the Wonderland universe has always managed to effortlessly pull off – take a seemingly mundane idea, and hint that there may be more at play than we could possibly realize. This is a film produced by none other than Tim Burton after all, so we can’t exactly say that any of that surprises us.
We will keep you updated with all of the latest and greatest Alice Through the Looking Glass news as it becomes available to us. Be sure to enjoy your Daylight Savings, and be mindful of the time. Alice Through the Looking Glass will hit theaters on May 27. Stay tuned for more details!

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