Spoiler Alert: Moments and plot details from Kingsman: The Secret Service will be discussed openly throughout this list. If you haven't seen the film yet, it's best to wait until you've done so, in order to preserve the element of surprise. Otherwise, read on at your peril.

Much like Matthew Vaughn borrowed and lampooned the essential super hero tropes for his film Kick Ass, his work on Kingsman: The Secret Service takes the 50+ years of James Bond's history and puts it on its ear. With both films, the director has lovingly paid homage to the past glories of superheroes and spies, while at the same time poking fun at them with a respectful level of honestly. In particular, there are ten moments that Vaughn and co-writer Jane Goldman nail down with perfectly aimed nods and subversion. So take a break from your suit fitting, and read through our list of ten incredible tricks the Kingsman branch learned from their brother at MI6.

10. Die Another Day - The Secret Underground Trick
How Bond Did It: In Die Another Day, James Bond finds himself brought back into active service after a nasty run in with the North Korean military. He's "welcomed" back at a disused tube station right outside of MI6 headquarters, which is traditionally used for such purposes. It also doubles as gadget storage for Q's many devices deployed in the field.

How Kingsman Flipped It: The tailor shop that operates as a front for the Kingsman organization has a rather special fitting room. A room that conceals an elevator shaft that brings our master spy and his prospective student down to a secret train car that operates as transport between the tailor shop and Kingsman HQ.

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