The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be a colorful world full of incredible things, but it’s not without death. Over its seven year history, many have fallen during the battle between good and evil, whether they were heroes, villains or supporting characters falling somewhere in between. In 2015 alone, we saw the deaths of Quicksilver, Ultron (unless he somehow downloaded into another body), Baron Strucker, Darren Cross and more - and that’s just on the movie side of things. This is a dangerous world these characters live in, and things are probably only going to get worse from here on out.

Looking ahead to what’s coming between 2016 and 2019, we’ve picked the 10 likeliest contenders to die in Marvel’s Phase Three film slate. Obviously none of these have been confirmed yet, but going off comic book history and analyzing how events will go down in the near future, we’re fairly confident that most, if not all, of these characters will perish in their upcoming movies.

The Vision
The Vision
The Mind Stone currently is held by The Vision, and it’s the only thing that’s keeping him alive. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that at some point during the Avengers: Infinity War movies it’s going to get ripped from his forehead by Thanos. Presumably at that point the Mad Titan will have collected the other five Infinity Stones, leaving only the yellow rock missing from the Infinity Gauntlet. Vision is powerful, but going up against Thanos with nearly all of these powerful artifacts, he doesn’t stand a chance. There’s always the possibility that Vision could be revived later on, but it’s practically guaranteed that he’ll be rendered inert when Thanos takes the Mind Stone from him… and rips him apart for good measure. The future doesn’t look good for the Avengers’ android member.

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