If we haven’t put a fine enough point on our feelings for Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, let us remind you that it’s the comedy that more of you should have seen last weekend. Still, there’s no hard feelings between us and those of you who have chosen to miss out on the funniest movie currently running in theaters. In fact, we want to help convince you go give the film a spin in the next couple of days before X-Men: Apocalypse takes over the box office. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 biggest laughs from the Shane Black detective comedy that not only have us still laughing, but also planning at least one more outing to see it again!

Holland March’s Toilet Troubles
Running into the guy that gave you a spiral fracture only a couple of days ago isn’t something that ranks high on our list of preferred experiences. So naturally, Ryan Gosling’s Holland March is more than a bit angry when Russell Crowe’s Jackson Healey shows up to propose a partnership. We don’t know if it was that anger, or just a general sense of clumsiness about the alcoholic detective, but the ensuing problems that March finds himself running into provides one of the best physical comedy moments of this year, if not the past decade or so. It’s also a good reminded of why we outlawed smoking in toilets, besides the whole problem with the smoke and all.

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