It’s only been two years since of X-Men: Days of Future Past was released, but in the X-Men movie universe, 10 years have passed between that and X-Men: Apocalypse, which finally arrives in U.S. theaters this Friday. History has played a key role in the "First Class" trilogy, and with each passing decade, moviegoers see how this world filled with mutants has changed. Thanks to timeline changes in the last movie, events haven’t progressed the same way as they did in the original history of this universe.

In order to keep up with where our main characters are at the start of X-Men: Apocalypse, we’re going over the key moments you need to remember from X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, from the status quo of mutants among the public t characters who haven't been seen in a while. However, the movie also acts as a culmination to all the previous main X-Men movies, so there will be some subtle callbacks to the original trilogy.

Mutants Revealed To The Public
Mutants Revealed To The Public
It was never revealed in the original X-Men movies when the public became aware of mutants, but by 2000 (or whenever X-Men takes place), the world knew about their existence, to the point the U.S. government was trying to pass legislation to regulate them. Thanks to Wolverine’s time traveling in X-Men: Days of Future Past, mutant exposure happened earlier than it did in the original timeline. When Wolverine, Charles Xavier and Beast went to prevent Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask, Magneto took it a step further and tried to kill Raven so her DNA couldn’t be used to later upgrade the Sentinels. When she tried to escape, Magneto followed her outside to do the deed, which was foiled thanks to Beast’s intervention. The folks outside the Paris Peace Accords saw a shapeshifter, a metal manipulator and a blue-furred creature fighting, and the world was never the same. X-Men: First Class showed many government and military officials learning about mutants, but now their existence to the masses was no longer a secret.

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