Everybody who knows me, knows that I’m a huge sucker for creative movie posters, and that I have a particular affinity for those of the minimalist persuasion. Well, anyone else out there with similar preferences will be wowed by these 10 movie posters released by the folks over at EveryGuyed.com.

Inspired by movies and the many memorable pieces of wardrobe in them, these posters are clean, elegant, and downright awesome. The titles of the films are shown, but even without them you’d easily recognize Gorgon Gecko’s suspenders or Patrick Bateman’s vinyl coat and ax. Some stunningly simple yet effective and brilliant work from the folks over at Moxy Creative.

Check out a few examples below or head over to EveryGuyed.com to scope these out. If you like them enough, they’re available for purchase over at Moxy’s website. Bravo gents.

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