10 Netflix Cheat Codes That Let You Find Movies You Actually Want To Watch

Netflix has so many movies that it’s nearly impossible to manage the full selection, and browsing by the basic genres (drama, comedy, horror, etc) doesn't always do the trick in narrowing down the options. But there are a ton of sub-genres you may not have known about, some of which offer a great selection of movies. Of course, you have to know what they are and how to find them, first.

The Web site Ogres-Crypt has culled through all of the various genres and subgenres available on Netflix -- to an exhausting level. Seriously. Click that link and see. We went through their list and found 10 subgenres that are worth viewing, especially if you're overdue in loading up your Netflix queue. Here they are, along with the numeric code that needs to be entered after "http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/" in order to view the listings...

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Tearjerkers, 6384

Sometimes you just need a good cry. This category contains several classic movies that will give you the feels, including: Forrest Gump, Bounce, and Tim Burton's Big Fish. Some of these will make you cry more than others, which is nice, as you can prep the appropriate number of tissues. Spanglish is also there to make you cry, but for completely different reasons. Seriously, what happened with that film?

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Teen Comedies, 3519

The teen comedy is one of the most popular genres in the history of cinema, and this is why this category has one of the largest selections. To be clear, these are comedies about teens, and for teens, so more General Audience and less Porky's. This category includes 80’s classics like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and more current films like Mean Girls. It also includes Grease 2 but...just don’t.

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Comic Book and Superhero Movies, 10118

It’s one of the most popular genres in the movies, so it’s very likely that you might feel the need to watch a good comic book movie at some point. While the MCU is missing from Netflix currently, you can enjoy Michael Keaton’s debut as Batman, Hellboy, or Sam Raimi’s Darkman instead. You can also watch Halle Berry’s Catwoman if you have enough beer in the fridge.

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Dark Comedies, 869

Are you sometimes in the mood to laugh, while feeling slightly awkward about it? Then the dark comedy is the movie genre for you. Enjoy the utterly twisted superhero comedy Super with Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page. Remember that Robin Williams sometimes made some weird (but undeniably hysterical) choices with World’s Greatest Dad. Or work your way through Paul Thomas Anderson's awkward and fascinating Punch-Drunk Love, because what other genre are you going to put that under?

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Quirky Romances, 36103

While you might think that the term "quirky romances" is clear, this category actually covers a lot of ground -- from Johnny Depp's What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to Strictly Ballroom and the delightful Silver Linings Playbook. These movies may all be romances, but their quirk is all very different. There’s probably a movie here for every mood. The romance in question also doesn't have to mean heterosexual, meaning Netflix has ensured that there really are options for every audience member.

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Steamy Thrillers, 972

Yeah, this one is self-explanatory. Suspense and sex in the privacy of your own home. The kind of stuff to get your emotions going a mile a minute in order to put you in a particular mood. Invite your significant other over, light a few candles, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy yourselves. Basic Instinct, Eyes Wide Shut, and Fatal Attraction are all here for you. No judgment.

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Witty Independent Movies, 2077

Independent movies have the ability to try new and different things that the more mainstream studios shy away from. This often entices actors you know into smaller films, so they can do something different. Here you’ll find Jack Black in Bernie and Simon Pegg’s A Fantastic Fear of Everything, as well as Moonrise Kingdom because witty independent comedy is really just code for "Wes Anderson movies."

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B-Horror Movies, 8195

Sometimes when you’re at home playing Netflix roulette, you end up picking movies based solely on the title alone. This category is going to make your choice tough. Other times, however, you just need to watch a bad movie. There are some gloriously stinky options here, with titles like The Coed and the Zombie Stoner or Mega Shark versus Mecha Shark. Oh well, there’s always the Sharknado movies to fall back on.

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Sports Dramas, 7243

There’s nothing like a good underdog story to get you feeling upbeat, and to help you check your eyelids for leaks. Whatever your favorite athletic competition of choice, there’s a movie available to make you feel good about it. Choose from the likes of A League of Their Own, Radio or John Wayne’s The Quiet Man. Because apparently that counts as a boxing movie. Right? OK, fine. The sorting in this category can get a little weird.

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Disney Musicals, 59433

Sometimes you need something to keep the kids busy for awhile. While the classic Disney musicals are all missing from Netflix, there are still a couple of solid choices like Mulan or The Hunchback of Notre Dame. There’s even a collection of Disney Channel live-action choices of the High School Musical variety. We’re sorry if your kids watch those.

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