Netflix has so many movies that it’s nearly impossible to manage the full selection, and browsing by the basic genres (drama, comedy, horror, etc) doesn't always do the trick in narrowing down the options. But there are a ton of sub-genres you may not have known about, some of which offer a great selection of movies. Of course, you have to know what they are and how to find them, first.

The Web site Ogres-Crypt has culled through all of the various genres and subgenres available on Netflix -- to an exhausting level. Seriously. Click that link and see. We went through their list and found 10 subgenres that are worth viewing, especially if you're overdue in loading up your Netflix queue. Here they are, along with the numeric code that needs to be entered after "" in order to view the listings...

Image title
Tearjerkers, 6384
Sometimes you just need a good cry. This category contains several classic movies that will give you the feels, including: Forrest Gump, Bounce, and Tim Burton's Big Fish. Some of these will make you cry more than others, which is nice, as you can prep the appropriate number of tissues. Spanglish is also there to make you cry, but for completely different reasons. Seriously, what happened with that film?

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