Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off in 2008, comic book fans and moviegoers have watched as this shared world has given us an impressive number of unique superheroes to see in action on the big screen. From Iron Man and Captain America to Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel has proven that they can take A-list or a D-list characters and create an exciting adventures for them to partake in (seriously - four years ago, who would have thought the Guardians would get a movie?!?!) However, Marvel Comics has been around for decades, and with the MCU showing no signs of stopping right now, there are many great heroes that have yet to be introduced, and with comic book movies sitting pretty as the latest big cinematic craze, it means that at some point Marvel is going to have to give us new players.

Since 20th Century Fox still has the film rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, Marvel doesn’t have full access to their own library of characters, but fortunately the roster is still incredibly huge, and there are still several individuals worthy of being translated to the big screen. That in mind, here are the 10 superheroes that the MCU needs to introduce at some point, whether it’s in Phase 3, Phase 4 or beyond.

10. Wonder Man
10. Wonder Man
In Marvel Comics, Simon Williams was initially given superpowers by Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil when he sought revenge against Tony Stark - the man who he believed responsible for his company failing. While originally sent in to infiltrate the Avengers and take them down, Williams, now Wonder Man, had a change of heart and stopped Zemo’s plan before he was seriously injured. While he seemingly died in his first issue, the Avengers kept him in suspended animation for years until he was awakened and restored to full health. Since then, he has been an on-and-off members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and while he may not always agree with their methods, his abilities like super strength, flight and later being able to manipulate ionic energy have made him a valuable ally. There may not be any room to include him in any Phase 3 projects, but Wonder Man would make a great character to introduce in Phase 4 as one of the new heroes who has been recruited into another Avengers team. Seeing his unique powers at work is reason enough to include him.

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