Earlier today, it was reported that Daniel Bruhl’s mysterious villain role in Captain America: Civil War has been identified as Baron Zemo. The purple-masked evildoer ranks as one of Captain America’s most notable antagonists, and will follow in the footsteps of Red Skull, Arnim Zola, Winter Soldier and Batroc the Leaper as members of Cap’s cinematic rogues gallery.

But while Baron Zemo is a prime choice to antagonize the titular hero in Captain America: Civil War, there are many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans out there unfamiliar with the character’s history in the comics. To get you prepped on what to expect from him in 2016, here are the five important facts you need to know:

5. Baron Zemo Is A Legacy Title
5. Baron Zemo Is A Legacy Title
It’s important to note that in Marvel comics, there are two main Baron Zemos: Heinrich, who fought Captain America during World War II, and Helmut, who took up a life of supervillainy after his father’s death. We don’t know exactly which one Daniel Bruhl will be playing, but it’s worth noting that they are only the latest in a long line of Baron Zemos stretching back centuries. In fact, during the miniseries "Thunderbolts Presents: Zemo - Born Better," Helmut met many of his ancestors when he was thrown back in time by Songbird. Starting in the early 1500s, with each time jump forward, he met another Baron Zemo and almost always got into a confrontation with them. Although these time travel shenanigans will certainly not be included in Captain America: Civil War, hopefully the movie will address the lineage of Zemos that preceded him, showing that his hunger for power is genetic.

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