How many times did you watch it? Are you in to double digits yet? If the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer were on a tape, we would have snapped it by now. And yet, there are still so many questions we’ve left unanswered after repeat viewings, because of all of the amazing, WTF things that we spotted.

Run through our list of eye-popping, head-scratching Star Wars goodness with this thorough visual breakdown of the full teaser. The Force is awake. Is that good, or bad, for our favorite heroes?

John Boyega
Why is John Boyega wearing a Stormtrooper suit?
He’s the first actual person we see in the trailer (not counting the narrator’s voice that is heard). The way that he snaps into view plays along with the "waking up" theme of the trailer, and Boyega’s character looks distressed. But why is he wearing a Stormtrooper suit? Is he bad? Did he wear it to escape from somewhere, the way Han and Luke did in A New Hope?

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