Given the amount of secrecy J.J. Abrams prefers to have on and around his movie sets, Star Wars: Episode VII has been an open book. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration. But between director videos filmed on location, Bad Robot tweets with hidden messages, Kevin Smith’s blubbery set visit and the steady stream of leaked set photos, we know a lot more about Star Wars: Episode VII than anticipated. Still, how much of it is true?

Consider this photo (via Badass Digest) of what appears to be Star Wars: Episode VII actor Adam Driver walking on set wearing the trademark suit of an X-Wing pilot. We knew that X-Wing ships would be involved in Episode VII. But the fact that Driver is appearing as a character who would be flying one changes EVERYTHING that we thought we knew about J.J. Abrams’ planned sequel.

What do we believe now, based on these revealing images? Let’s run through the latest thoughts and speculations:

X-Wing Pilots
X-Wing Pilots Are Bad Now
In the original trilogy, X-Wing pilots fought on the side of the Rebel Alliance. But now that the side has prevailed, perhaps that resistance has moved on to new pilots in different ships? And it’s possible that the crumbling, evil Empire has confiscated defunct X-Wing ships in an attempt to turn them back on the Alliance? That might be why Adam Driver is flying one. It would take some getting used to, seeing the Millennium Falcon fighting WITH the X-Wing ships instead of alongside of them. If Adam Driver is, in fact, playing a villain in the new story, then this photo suggests that the X-Wing fighters might be in control of the dominant bad guy (whomever that ends up being). Then again, the explanation might suggest other, juicier plot twists. Read on!

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