We all love our mothers. They’re great, they raised us, showed the ways of the world, and generally shaped who we ultimately become. Because they wield such a massive influence in our lives, it makes sense that they also figure prominently into horror as a genre, and sometimes that power and inspiration is less than positive. And with Mother’s Day this weekend, we figured, what better time to explore some of our favorite terrible horror movie moms and what makes them so wonderfully evil. Reading this list should make you thankful for our own mother.

Mothers Day
10. Mother, Mother’s Day
Given the holiday, this is the most obvious place to kick things off. While we’re talking about Charles Kaufman’s (brother of Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman) 1980 horror-thriller Mother’s Day, you can also check out the recent remake, which was surprisingly solid. When a group of friend embark on an annual camping trip, their trip takes a nightmare turn when the encounter a gang of hillbilly punks, the likes of which you only encounter in campy movies. These freaks live in a creepy hotel with their unstable Mother who goads them into horrific acts of all kinds. She’s certainly a piece of work, urging them to all manner of antisocial behaviors, but then again, so is her sister, Queenie. Like most movies of this ilk, it was divisive, appealing to gore hounds but shocking and appalling the normal, the mainstream audiences, and a large part of this reaction stems from the cinematic matriarch.

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