The Scream Remake Will Recreate An Iconic Movie Moment

We’ve been hearing a lot about MTV’s upcoming Scream reboot, but none of the news has been quite as tantalizing as what we learned today. The upcoming drama actually has plans to recreate the famous opening sequence from the movie Scream, during which Drew Barrymore was brutally murdered, shocking audiences who believed she was the lead in the movie. Actress Bella Thorne has apparently been cast in the series, and she recently confirmed she will be MTV’s version of Barrymore.

“Yes it is true. I will re-enact the famous scene of Drew Barrymore in the original series.”

Bella Thorne, who is probably most famous for Shake It Up! but has also appeared in the Adam Sandler flick Blended (oddly enough also starring Drew Barrymore), confirmed the news to Yahoo!Celebrity.

Blended photo

IMDB also notes her character is named “Nina” and will appear in the pilot, so the timeline fits. If she is signed on for the “What’s your favorite scary movie?” segment, it seems like MTV would probably have liked to keep that bit of information under lock and key; regardless, the cat’s out of the bag, now.

The real question, then, relates to how close the Scream TV scene will play to the Drew Barrymore scene. Obviously, it’s more likely that we’ll see Ms. Thorne on a cell phone rather than that giant white monstrosity Barrymore picks up in the first film. Additionally, while we don’t know a ton about the remade scene, we do know that MTV does not have the rights to the Ghost Face mask used in the original movies. We also know the show will be using what they call a “darker, creepier” version of the mask, but we don’t know whether the movie will feature a totally new sort of killer or a killer with the same intent as the movies.

One thing is for certain: No one will be mistaking Bella Thorne as a lead this time around. MTV has already signed on Bex Taylor-Klaus and Willa Fitzgerald to star in the series as Aubrey and Emma, respectively. After a video of Aubrey’s goes viral, a small town will have to deal with a bunch of muders. Carlson Young, John Karna, Connor Weil, Tracy Middendorf, Joel Gretsch and Amadeus Serafini will also appear in MTV's Scream.

It’ll still be a while before MTV’s 10-episode series hits the schedule. The show isn’t expected to air until October of 2015, but there’s been plenty of buzz surrounding the horror remake thus far. Expect that to continue in the coming months. Now we just need to wait and see whether or not our new non-Ghost Face killer manages to hit some other iconic moments from the movie, like catching someone in the garage door this time around.

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