Around this time last year, Gone Girl made its premiere at the New York Film Festival in Manhattan. Director David Fincher, author Gillian Flynn and the stars came out to discuss the film, which would go on to rake in a number of Oscar nominations. This year, The Walk, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, takes the festival's opening slot. Whether or not it will be one to talk about as the awards season continues along, it will certainly garner lots of buzz.

However, more so than in recent memory, there’s a packed slate of interesting works coming for NYFF. The Walk is just a taste. The festival has already begun, though the films in the Main Slate will begin screening this coming weekend. If you have tickets for the event, here are some films you should see. If not, you’ll still be hearing a lot about these 10 flicks, so shelve them on your personal backburner.
The Walk
You’ve probably seen the posters telling you to go see this film in IMAX. Well, you should — assuming you’re not faint of heart. I remember wanting to vomit while watching an Everest documentary in a proper IMAX theater, let alone eduring a film about a man walking between the Twin Towers on a wire. The film, from director Robert Zemeckis, is adapted from the book Man on Wire and features Joseph Gordon-Levitt as French daredevil Philippe Petit, who completed the miraculous feat. While the Venice and Toronto film festivals gave us the frontrunners for the pre-Oscar season, this is one to watch.

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