11 Big Questions Every Marvel Fan Should Have After Civil War

The following discussion assumes that you have seen Captain America: Civil War. That means spoilers. You have been warned..

While Captain America: Civil War is the 13th chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it also acts as a major turning point in the story of the Avengers, and the end of a trilogy for Captain America himself. However, the end of the film leaves many questions. It’s difficult to even guess where things may go from here.

We have so many questions about where the MCU will go from here. Here are 11 of the biggest ones.

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What Does Homecoming Mean?

A couple of weeks before the release of Captain America: Civil War we were treated to the official announcement of the first MCU Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The subtitle struck as a nice generic title that could mean a million things. Then, as we watched Civil War the first time, we got smacked in the face by one of The Winter Soldier’s command words, homecoming. While this could have been a coincidence, we doubt it was an accident. Does this mean that the next Spider-man adventure will be somehow connected to The Winter Soldier or Hydra?

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Will Tony Attempt To Exact Vengeance Against Bucky Again?

The fight between Iron Man and the Winter Soldier ended, but the conflict was not resolved. Tony Stark still blames Bucky Barnes for the death of his parents. Even if Wakanda’s technology is able to find a way to deprogram the Winter Soldier, will that be enough for Stark? Will Tony ever come to terms with the idea that Bucky was not responsible for his actions, or are we just going to be gearing up for Round Two at some point down the road?

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What’s Next For Zemo?

Helmut Zemo was all set to blow his own brains out, after a job well done if we’re being honest, but Black Panther prevented that from happening. If Captain America: Civil War taught us anything, it’s that actions have consequences. The end of the film shows us a Zemo who knows what he has accomplished. It strikes us as unlikely that he will simply resign himself to a life in prison. He may have successfully destroyed the Avengers as an organization, but will that truly be enough for him?

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Is This The Last Of "Captain America"?

At the conclusion of Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers chooses his friendship with Bucky Barnes over his duty as Captain America. He leaves his shield, the symbol of the responsibility, behind him. Still, we know what kind of man Steve Rogers is. He won’t stop trying to help people when they need him. In the comics, Steve Rogers has given up the name Captain America before. The next time we see Steve Rogers, will we see The Captain or Nomad instead?

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Will The Remaining Avengers Even Still Fight?

By the end of Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers consists of three people. A despondent Vision, an angry Tony Stark, and a partially paralyzed War Machine. We have no idea how Bruce Banner or Thor will react to this situation when word reaches them. Do the Avengers even exist anymore? If the world is threatened, will anybody answer the call? Since Secretary Ross still calls Tony when the prison break happens, it appears that relationship still exists, so that likely means the Sokovia Accords are still valid. But does anybody at Avengers Headquarters care?

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Just How Angry Is Scarlet Witch At Tony Stark?

Whether you were on Team Cap or Team Iron Man by the end of the film may depend on your view of Scarlet Witch. Is she guilty of something terrible, or was she simply unable to prevent the same? When Tony Stark takes control of the post-Sokovia Accords Avengers, he puts Wanda under house arrest. When she's put in prison, she's not just locked up, but bound. And this is a woman who already had reason to dislike Tony Stark. Being one of the most powerful Avengers, the fact is she doesn’t really need anybody. While the other Avengers might be willing to work together again if the right apologies are made, we’re not sure the same is true of Scarlet Witch.

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How Long Will Cap And Company Be Underground?

The bulk of the Avengers are now fugitives. How dark will they go? While we fully expect to see most of them again, the fact is that none of the people Cap broke out of prison, including Cap himself, are officially confirmed for any other movies. In the end it’s probably only a question of whether we’ll see them in the first or second part of Avengers: Infinity War, but realize that anybody that we don’t see until part two we won’t see for three years.

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What’s Next For Black Widow?

As Captain America: Civil War came to a close, we got a pretty good look at what each of the Avengers was up to. Some were back at Avengers HQ, others were being broken out of prison. There was one hero who was missing, however. When Black Widow walks away after telling Tony Stark that she’s not the one that needs to watch their back, she walks right out of the movie. We don’t see her or hear about her again. She wasn’t arrested for helping Captain America at the airport, but she’s not back at the Avengers base either. Will she be working with the underground heroes, or will she be on her own the next time that we see her?

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Will Tony And Pepper Get Back Together?

When Pepper Potts got name dropped in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we figured she wasn’t there because Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t cheap. While that may still be part of the reason, from comments made in Captain America: Civil War, it sounds like it is now becoming part of the story of the MCU. Will this be used as a way to write Pepper out of the story, or will the two get back together at some point down the road? If nothing else, we would love to see her point-of-view on this relationship breaking down. Pepper is part of the MCU, and we hope to see her again.

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What Will The Black Panther Movie Ultimately Be About?

Black Panther was one of the highlights of Captain America: Civil War. So much so that before the end of the film, we were already excited for the Black Panther stand alone movie. However, in the mid-credits sequence we learned that Steve Rogers has taken Bucky Barnes to Wakanda in the hopes that they’ll be able to fix what Hydra did. Does this mean that one or both of them will factor into the Black Panther film? Will Chris Evans be part of Black Panther in the same way that Robert Downey Jr. will be appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Will protecting The Winter Soldier be Black Panther’s main objective in his own movie? Only time will tell.

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Is Tony Stark Funding A Future Villain?

We've already spoken about unintended consequences in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Another thing that we've learned in the MCU is that Tony Stark has a tendency to act rashly and do things he perceives as good, but end up going very bad. At the beginning of Civil War, Tony Stark funds the projects for a room full of MIT students. Does anybody believe that he actually reviewed every single project? Almost certainly not. He's just trying to do something good for the brightest minds in the nation (and ease some of his guilt, as he admits). But what if somebody in that audience has less noble aspirations? What if there's a future supervillain in the room and Tony Stark just funded the development of some kind of super weapon? It would fit Tony's M.O. perfectly, and would give us a great tie-in for the plot of the newly fresh rumors of Iron Man 4.

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