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With Green Lantern out in theaters today, Paramount has one month to both give us a break from superhero movies and then attempt to wow us with a new one when they release Captain America: The First Avenger on July 22. As worn out as I am from guys in funny outfits saving the world, I'm looking forward to this-- the posters and brief trailers so far have been solid, and there's a shred of a chance that director Joe Johnston will make a movie as fun as his other World War Ii-set film, The Rocketeer.

The promotional campaign for Captain America will presumably start full force over the next few weeks, but today we've got something relatively small-- 12 new images posted to the film's official website. Check out a few of them below and click them to go to our full gallery (you'll start with the Red Skull image and click from there), which is at this point packed with Captain America images. The new ones include two really good looks at Red Skull (played by Hugo Weaving), a nice shot of Steve Rogers pre-super serum looking longingly at a military recruiting poster, and some shots of the character actors playing supporting roles in the film, including Toby Jones and Dominic Cooper. All that and more awaits you below.