Who could have guessed that, when 21 Jump Street hit theaters a couple of years ago, the comic highlight would be Channing Tatum? The leading man was, at the time, Hollywood's next big thing, but no one knew exactly what kind of performer we had on our hands. Now, with a couple of years to look back, and with 22 Jump Street reaching theaters, we realize we've had an ace comedic performer in our midst.

Hollywood is filled with actors who definitely have a funny bone, but just no opportunity to show it. Sometimes it's typecasting. Sometimes it's the very fact that comedy is very hard. Sometimes it's the overwhelming, deadly-serious genre pictures coming out of the industry every week. Whatever the case, here are a dozen actors that we thought could benefit from a lead comedic role, something silly and lightweight to diversify their careers and show their fans that sometimes, being a movie star means just having a good time.

Hugh Jackman
Has there ever been such a divide between who an actor is onscreen and off? In movies, Jackman is the tortured loner Wolverine, the morally-conflicted Jean Valjean in Les Miserables and the haunted suburban dad Keller Dover in Prisoners. And offscreen, Jackman is a singing, dancing master of ceremonies, a jovial spirit who seems to always be having a good time. Jackman was actually a fine Woody Allen leading man in Scoop eight years ago, and brought a slight daring streak to the first sketch of the execrable Movie 43, right before that movie headed over a cliff. Surely there's something out there for the most likable guy in Hollywood.

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