The motion picture industry is a lot like professional sports. Both industries are fueled by a small group of gigantic names that make millions and millions of dollars. They’re the ones that drive revenues, get their faces on billboards and command command police escorts. They’re the ones who do interviews and get casual fans excited, but beyond those mega-stars, the ultimate success or failure of many of these films actually relies with all the supporting players.

You can’t win the NBA Title without a reliable and competent bench, and you can’t make a brilliant movie or television show without a few character actors who can be relied upon to steal scenes and perhaps more importantly, go toe-to-toe with the biggest names in Hollywood. Often referred to as "that-guys", they occasionally get their moments in the sun. Hell, the Internet has more than a few lists entirely devoted to them, and today, we’re going to use them to test your movie knowledge.

I’m going to give you two pictures, an age, a list of movies and a basic description. All you need to do is come up with the name before you hit the next page and get the answer. Ready? Then let’s go…

Round #1
Year Of Birth: 1968

IMDB Credits: 107

Random Credits: Beltway Butcher Leon West on Veep, Chet on Children’s Hospital, Headless Man in This Is The End

Best Known For Playing…: well-meaning business types who are shocked by the ridiculousness of the people they’re surrounded by.

He also crushes the world of commercials too.

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