2 More No Strings Attached Clips Make Fun Of Hungover, Naked Ashton Kutcher

No Strings Attached is about what happens when Natalie Portman forces Ashton Kutcher to have frequent, consequence free sex with her. If this were real life, the movie would be over in 5 minutes. She’d ask him to enter into this arrangement, he’d say absolutely, and then we’d see “they lived happily ever after” as a title card right before the credits rolled. You can’t sell tickets to a five minute movie, so eventually he’ll get hung up on her and want more than just sex, or at least that’s how the trailers seem to indicate it’ll work.

There’s no sign of that however, in the following two new clips from No Strings. Think of these as the “a little something for the ladies” version of the movie’s marketing. Last week we had a little something for the dudes in the form of two clips here which seemed tailor made to allow viewers the fantasy of pretending Natalie Portman was their girlfriend. In these clips, it’s Ashton’s turn to sit around in his underwear and make out with random women. Oh hey, that random woman is Lake Bell! Remember when she was going to be famous for like five minutes. Shame that never happened.

Here’s the clips:

No Strings Attached arrives in theaters January 21st. For more information visit the No Strings page in our Blend Film Database.

Josh Tyler