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Is everybody ready to get white boy wasted again on another trailer for Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s upcoming sequel 22 Jump Street? I hope you like your F-bombs completely eradicated, because this relatively cleaner green band preview replaces some of the racier red banded bits with some new footage, though not much. And seriously, we still hear "ass" four times and "bitch" once, so it’s not like this is still suitable for all audiences. Especially bitch ass bitches who can’t take the language.

For instance, we get a shot of Jenko (Channing Tatum) warning Schmidt (Jonah Hill) that he might get hurt playing football, and then we see Schmidt get injured in a few different ways, including getting his ass broken in a tackle. I’m pretty dumbfounded that this trailer, via Yahoo! Movies, would include a Chris Brown and Rhianna relationship joke, which the world really doesn’t need, especially since we won’t see the movie for another 7 months. And I’m not sure that the kind of physical comedy this movie warrants includes Jonah Hill fighting with an octopus that has attached itself to his face. I guess you’re not winning if you’re not trying, right?

22 jump street still

I’m pretty psyched about this sequel, as Lord and Miller are two of my favorite filmmakers, but there’s something just so generic about these trailers. My favorite joke, seen in the NSFW clip, is when Schmidt confesses he’ll never be able to take a shit in a co-ed bathroom, which really hits home to me. (Spoiler alert.) And I can’t wait to see why Schmidt is wearing that godawful goth makeup, but I’m really hoping this is more than a lineup of shallow riffs about college life and the fragile bonds between bros.

Our two bumbling heroes are going undercover at a local college to figure out how to put a stop to a recent drug craze. While Jenko takes to a new friend on the football team, Schmidt starts hanging with a different crowd, and their friendship gets tested to the max. Expect all the crotch-grabbing and gun shooting you can handle, plus more of Nick Offerman’s mustache. Score!

Expect to see 22 Jump Street get a pass or fail when it hits theaters on June 13, 2014. Spice up your life with the salty language of the red band trailer below.

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