Superhero stories have been a part of popular culture for over 75 years, but it's not just on the printed page that they're being told. Many kinds of adaptations have been told across various media, but the big screen is arguably the most popular destination besides the comic books themselves. The last four decades or so have seen continued expansion of full-length superhero features, and whether it's traditional narratives or takes that deconstruct the material, they're frequently great tales to watch.

Currently we live in a time when the superhero movie's popularity is at an all time high. Marvel and DC continue to announce new projects for their cinematic universe, and even other companies are contributing to the genre whether it's adapting an existing property or coming up with something original. With so many entries, both live action and animated, there's more than enough to determine which are the greatest of the bunch. With that in mind, Cinema Blend has put together its definitive list of the 30 best superhero movies ever made. Not everyone will necessarily agree on the exact order, but we guarantee that many of your favorites made the cut. And don't worry, folks, with all the positive buzz surrounding Captain America: Civil War, it's guaranteed to get a spot on here later down the line.

30. The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman would be the first to tell you that for most of the X-Men series, they never fully captured the spirit and essence of Wolverine on screen. Before Logan, the closest they arguably came was with James Mangold's The Wolverine. An attempt to adapt Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's "Japan Saga," The Wolverine sends our clawed mutant to Tokyo where he's asked to repay a life debt. In the process, he gets pulled into a war involving the Yakuza, his true love Mariko, and the Silver Samurai. It mostly works (losing its way when the Silver Samurai arrives), and Jackman continues to develop his cherished character right before the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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