Over the last 65 years, actor Max von Sydow has established himself as one of the true legends of the silver screen. His work in films like The Seventh Seal, The Exorcist, and Three Days of the Condor has more than secured his place in history as one of the greats of his craft – but he’s not done adding iconic movies to his resume just yet. While he wasn’t featured in the announcement photograph that will undoubtedly become considered iconic with time, von Sydow was one of the 13 actors announced this morning as being part of the Star Wars: Episode VII cast – and there’s few things that we want more than to see him play one of the film’s central villains.

Von Sydow, of course, has played many great antagonists over the course of his career, but why do we think he would be absolutely perfect to join the dark side in Star Wars? Read on to find out.

Max von Sydow Minority Report
Minority Report
Because "old" is such a bad word in Hollywood, I’m going to use polite phrasing and say that Max von Sydow is what you might call a well-versed cinema legend. Born in 1929 in Sweden, the star got his first big screen acting job in the 1949 Alf Sjöberg-directed Only A Mother, and he has been credited for nearly 150 titles since then. By the time Star Wars: Episode VII arrives in theaters next year, the actor will be 86 years old, but don’t start thinking that his age might detract from his villainy. The acting legend was a stately 73 years old when he played Director Lamar Burgess in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, and that fact only added to his performance in that he was able to be unsuspecting while also intensely sinister. In Star Wars: Episode VII he could wind up being a great mentor who slowly reveals his malevolent intentions before breaking out the force lightning on a bunch of children.

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