As any fan will tell you, Pixar really loves to include Easter Eggs inside all of their feature films. Whether they’re nods to the studio’s past or future work, or even inside jokes among the filmmakers, the little gags included by the company do their part to help make the movies endlessly entertaining, as it’s fun to search through with an Eagle Eye and try to spot them all. Now Inside Out is getting ready to hit theaters, and I can assure you that it’s just as reference-filled as its predecessors.

How do I know this? Because I recently had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with director Pete Docter, and he clued me in on some of the standout Easter Eggs that fans will be able to spot in the movie. Read on to learn some of the small secrets in the movie, and after you’ve had the chance to see Inside Out for yourself, hit the comments section and tell us about the others you spotted!

Pixar Easter Eggs
If you’ve noticed the "code" A113 in Pixar movies before, there’s a very good reason. At the California Institute of the Arts, A113 was a classroom used by graphic design students – such as John Lassetter and Brad Bird. As a nod to this, every Pixar has the inside joke featured somewhere, and Inside Out is no different. While it’s been used by the studio on license plates and in model numbers in the new past, the new film makes the most appropriate use of it yet, as A113 is actually the classroom we see Riley go into on her first day of school in San Francisco.

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